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Gauge assemblies
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ZB201-TH electronic gauge assemblies

¢ÙThe electronic speedometer, the fuel gauge, and the water
temperature gauge are used for detecting the operating
condition of the engine, In combination with other modules
, the gauge displays and detects the operating condition
of the vehicle.
¢ÚThe matcher is used for matching the rotational speed
gauge with the number of teeth of the engine to realize
that one gauge can be
applicable to engines with different number of teeth,
which can reduced the kind of gauges.

ZB202-TH electronic gauge assemblies

The use of advanced large-screen liquid crystal
display with a good anti-vibration, anti-interference
ability and structural beauty, easy installation.
Instrument contains a microprocessor, display
data areaccurate and reliable.  LCD used Wide
Temperature (-35¡æ¡«85¡æ), wide viewing angle
, high-definition;
¡¡¡¡At the same time, the whole LCD display
water temperature, oil temperature, fuel oil,
oil pressure, date, clock, voltage, rotational
speed, hours of work. Text area can display
two lines of text£»The  alarm instructions, fault
code, alarm settings and the use, maintenance
guide and so on can be selected with the SHIFT
switch £¬It is a multi-functional instrument.

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